Swedish- Swedish is a relaxing massage, meant to destress and relax. 

Deep Tissue- Deep Neuromuscular Therapy (DMT)  is meant to work on muscle tissue that is very tight, and can be
 somewhat painful at times if the client is not prepared properly.

Thai- Thai massage focuses on deep stretching movements, great for rehabilitation.

Shiatsu- Focuses on tight trigger points, with constant pressure on the point to release tightness. 

Acupressure or Trigger Point- Focuses again on tight areas of the muscle that are locked in contractions.

Sports Rehabilitation - Depending on what type of Sports that are played, the rehabilitation exercises are tailored to the injury or sore muscles.

1 Hour Swedish Massage $70 / 1 Hour Deep Tissue $85  / 2 Hour Deep Tissue and Sports Massage $175

90 Minutes $110 , 2 Hours  $140  /   90 Minute Deep Tissue  $125 , 2 Hour Deep Tissue $170

I combine my massages with the majority of these modalities to tailor the massage to the clients needs.

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